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The Global Bridge

About Uni Recruit

Uni Recruit Services was established in 2012, bringing recruitment of people from different parts of the world. With links and sources from our neigbouring countries, we are able to provide the core of each businesses requirements, the human resources. Headquartered in Singapore, we possess the links to bridge the countries regionally, fulfilling our client’s human resources.

Along the growth of Uni Recruit Services, we gained the expertise of all levels of recruitment, by welcoming talents from the different industries.

Gradually, Uni Recruit Services became Uni Recruit Services Pte Ltd. With this incorporation of our business, we are able to grow in strength, and form different teams for each level of the recruitment. At the same time, being one single entity helps the different teams understand each other to provide a more comprehensive sourcing and hiring.

Our business is based on the crucial resources required by all our clients, namely the human capabilities, to drive their company forward. By gathering the correct resources, we are able to help our clients, which in turn will help us to grow in strength and knowledge, creating a total growth hand-in-hand with the bond that we have.

Our Team

Every company’s strength lies in their use of the human resources. For us, we are able to complete a team to bring everyone of us forward, and providing a comprehensive service to our clients.

Since the start of Uni Recruit Services, we had people with the same ideals and vision, having the same thoughts about our services for our clients, and thus, were able to come together with the same common objective.

Each of us holds and expertise in the different levels of the recruitment industry, but at the same time, we are able to learn from each other and be armed with multiple disciplines to help our clients. By providing an all round expertise of the hiring framework, we can achieve the service standards for our clients, the way we like to be helped.